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Product Description

Different textures and softness of white creates different dimensions. It can hide emotions yet strengthen and make others shine.

We love the mysterious elegance of stark white.

This TAKA Hawk shirt is simple but has elements that create mystery with a dramatic feel with 3/4 sleeves and over sized cuffs with long open slit. Button down front with pointed collar. The collar has extra height at the back for a more trench coat feel.

Features courset style tie at back with extra long tie. Can be pulled around the waist and tied at front or left at back, pull tight to create a more fitted silhouette.

Brand is dogstar

Model is wearing size Small


Small measurements:
- Front: 52.8cm
- Back: 81.6cm
- Bust: 95.6cm
- Hem: 146.8cm

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Color Swatch No


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