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Forage pants


The Forage pants is one of our staple pieces that we have been making for over 10 years. It's made from linen and is a loose and comfortable design. Over the 10 years the design has evolved and the latest change is the side pockets. I have about 7 pairs of these pants (3/4 length) and wear them pretty much everyday at home. I wear the Forage pants when I take our dog for walk, sit on the grass and watch my son's soccer games and when I do gardening. The Forage pants have become a part of my lifestyle.

In our busy everyday life, we want something comfortable and easy to care for but also looks great on.

The best thing about this natural fabric is the fact that it looks great when crushed, and that suits my busy life perfectly. After all, who has time to iron?

Some customers have come to us with their full length pants all frayed at the hem. We are more than happy to mend these long lasting items, for we are passionate about up cycling and it gives us great pleasure to see that these customers have had extensive wear from these pants for over 10 years.

Forage Pants 3/4 length