My completed wreath


 I have seen many beautiful wreaths and Christmas ornaments from nature lately. These are things that I do not see in my home town. In Japan there is plenty of tinsel and bright  balls hanging on synthetic tress, and although it is festive, it does not have the same beauty as something from nature. 

In Australia I am always intrigued by my surroundings. My own back yard has so much greenery, even if a lot of it is weeds. 
This year I decided to create my own wreath from the living plants in my back yard and some from the nearby walk way. The hardest part  was not looking guilty while cutting some vines from a neighbours tree hanging over the back fence.
I found the process of making the wreath quite meditative and I was fascinated to study a little about the history of wreaths.
Did you know that they date back to the ancient times - long before Christmas was celebrated?
If you ever want to create a wreath, I can offer you one piece of advice. It is best not to use anything with thorns on it!