Slow Life


 Togo train tracks


 For the past week my children have been experiencing Japanese school in Fukui.
The school that they go is a small school and is located in the country side in a little village called Togo.

All of the school children have been very welcoming to Naima and Taishi and they are exchanging different two cultures.

Togo still has many old elements remaining and somehow that makes me feel invigorated.

The little creek that curves through the main street in the village is home to many fat carp. The train only goes every 1-2 hours.

It is inconvenient for our busy life, but the time stops here in Togo.
I see many beautiful things this morning and feel like I receive lots of energy.

I like the slow life.


 Main Street


Local Carp


Empty Rice Fields


Train Station Garden


 Main Street


 Togo Train Station


Togo School Children


Keeping Dry