Piece of Emily Video (press play)


Seed Pod


 On the quiet Northside of Brisbane, Emily lives with her partner and dog Zilla. Zilla was so excited to see us and so very welcoming. That's where her leather art is created. When I first saw Emily's pieces, I felt that her art beautifully reflects the feel of Queensland. Piece of Emily is unique leather work that is simple and elegant yet strong and rugged. Its easy to put on and the leather softens as its worn.



6 Tail Dansky


Seed Pods in Tree



Emily at work in her studio



Kangaroo Leather Cuffs with Silver detail

The colours are all slightly different which helps create their individuality. Not surprisingly, all of her pieces work well with our papershadow range. Now I have seen her studio and understand a little more of her personality, I can see why Emily's pieces are so naturally beautiful and remind me of the wonderful place in which we live.



Tools of the Trade




Emily in her studio