My Grandmother's hands


Today, my Grandma asked me to help her winding cotton thread. I used to help her winding cotton when I was a kid.
She can't see much anymore but is still winding thread now.
She is nearly 100 years old, so she can’t wind as well now as she used to and the thread can get tangled easily.

I remember my Grandma used to stitch and fix everything by hand when cloth had a hole or was damaged.
She never wasted damaged clothes.

I used to get embarrassed to wear the old fixed clothes that my grandma kept for a long time.

We rarely stitch by hand these days.

I came home in Japan recently and am now wondering if those old clothes are still here in my Grandma’s closet.

It felt like time slipped back to when I was a kid winding thread with my Grandma.


Winding Thread

Ba Chan  (Grandma)


Grandmother's Hands