Wearing Linen

Linen developed by us for our kosame series


There are many types of rain in Japan. Ame, Kosame, Shigure, and Hisame… Kosame is a little rain and is subtle. Hisame is a cold rain in Winter. Hisame “Hi” indicates ice.

It was so nice to have some rain here in Brisbane last night and it looks like we will have some more rain today (fingers crossed). This season I mainly used linen and Ramie in my collection.The Kosame series is made of Ramie, which is very similar to linen. Ramie is a thin fabric which is made of the Chinese Nettle stem.

Chinese Nettle (Ramie)

It is very similar to Linen and is traditionally popular in eastern countries like Japan, China, and India. It’s quite a strong fibre and hand washable. It’s easy to dry and has a resistance to bacteria and mould. A lightweight open-weave fabric that is very cool and comfortable in summer. The more it’s worn the softer the fiber gets and creates a unique drape. It looks great when it’s crushed and the best part is that when it is dried flat, there is no need to iron! 

Flax (Linen)



Kosame Pocket Dress

Kosame Twist Top