Vintage String

Today we made many 'goen' with 5 yen coins and decorative string.

During my recent trip back to my family home in Japan I found this collection of colourful vintage string, rope and ribbon. My 99 year old Grandmother has been adding to this collection for the past 60 years, saved from gift boxes and envelopes. The colours red and white are often used to symbolise luck and prosperity.

First we untangled and cut the string to length then tied it to the hole in the 5 yen coins (lucky coin). Once tied, they are placed inside a paper envelope then into Oiri-Bukuro (good luck bag).
We will be giving these out as part of the gift bag at our studio event this weekend.

Come and see me this Saturday (20th Jan) at the dogstar studio to collect your own tiny piece of Japan. 

We have lots of luck to share


Vintage thread



 5 yen coins

 hand tie coins

completed goen


Small Oiri-bukuro