Back to the Beginning

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dogstar logo

It has been nearly 18 years since dogstar was established here in Brisbane.

Many of our customers are still with us and I feel that we have grown together. dogstar has evolved over the past 18 years but I am now looking back to my roots and rediscovering things once forgotten.

After moving to our Paddington store, I decided to created a new logo for dogstar. This is a Japanese symbol of dogstar and it for me it is a reminder to look back on my heritage and embrace it wholeheartedly. I hand carved the design onto a lino block and pressed it onto paper. We then had that image put onto a silk screen and Alice came into the studio to help print it onto calico noren (Japanese banners). We will place these banners at the entrance to our stores. I am confident it will give the space a unique feel.

A blend of the cultures I call my own.

Hand carved lino block

Alice places ink onto screen while Dani watches on


Flooding the screen - Dani keeps the pressure on








Ta daa !





One Noren printed