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When I was living in Japan, Asa no Ha print (Hemp leaf pattern) was everywhere. It is hexagon shaped and geometrically placed into a pattern. Commonly seen on packaging, Kimono prints, cushions, tea towels, these patterns have made their way into everyday life. I have never been curious about this pattern before until I recently started to seek the images.

Traditional patters and imagery have been calling to me lately. Maybe it is because I miss Japan.

To explore this theme further I developed and designed a collection using my own block carving for this season. Asa no Ha patterns has been used in Japan for more than 1000 years and it includes the wish for a strong and healthy life, like the hemp plant, (a perfect source for natural fiber). It grows straight up and very quickly. It also symbolises a talisman. A sign of protection and strength.

I look forward to delving in a little deeper into these cultural relics. They provide me with inspiration and wonder.








kuma san



paper print




fabric print


Tuan sewing Asa no Ha fabric

Asa pants