Asa and the Crane


Traditional Japanese Kimono print

Lately I have found myself drawn to things from my past. Japan and its aesthetics have been at the forefront of my creative mind. When we created the Asa print for the papershadow series it came as a strong geometric symmetric  pattern - a representation of the hemp leaf, symbolising strength and good growth. It can still be seen in Japan today. The Asa theme has continued in our Laika range but in a somewhat deconstructed way. Still geometric, but with a softer flow. Placing it on soft cotton silk in bold colours created a more feminine feel. 
The Zahra dress is a fine example of traditional Japanese prints used in a modern garment. It depicts the crane - a symbol of luck and prosperity.
If my Grandmother was to see me wearing this she may not appreciate the clash of cultures and eras.
But that is exactly what I strive for. To combine my two worlds and different lives into a piece of clothing that can tell a story.


Zahra Dress

Chike Tunic