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Home town

Friday, 8 December 2017 12:34:44 PM Australia/Sydney


Home Town



I am about to go back to Japan next week to visit my family. In the past 5 or 6 years I have not been in Japan during Winter.

This year I am taking my children to my home town called Fukui, which is located just north of Kyoto. The children will see snow for their first time in their life and they are so excited to make a snow man! My grandmother turned 99 years old this year and we will have traditional New Year celebration together and it will be the first time with the four generations.

I have been away from Japan for more than twenty years now and it will be good for me to see my hometown with a different eye. I always thought Fukui was a boring town, but now when I return, I see things differently and take notice of the colours and changes in seasons.

I am sure this trip will influence my next collection.

Courtyard Garden




Leaves and moss wall


View from my room


Temple stairs


School children


Leaving school




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worn shoes

Friday, 24 November 2017 2:37:24 PM Australia/Sydney

My Worn Pendragon shoes

I have been wearing Jackie and Adrian's Pendragon shoes since our winter photo shoot last year. 

They are so comfortable that I have been wearing them pretty much where ever I go and they are now part of my daily life.
After having been worn so much they have taken on the shape of my feet. 
I love the fact that they are hand made and the way they age beautifully the more they are worn.
I wish other things in life fit with me as well as these shoes.


Aki Slide




Sewing Natsu Slide





Jackie and Adrian



Hand crafted



Finishing touches



Completed Natsu Slide



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back to the beginning

Friday, 10 November 2017 12:02:11 PM Australia/Sydney

Back to the Beginning

(press play)


dogstar logo

It has been nearly 18 years since dogstar was established here in Brisbane.

Many of our customers are still with us and I feel that we have grown together. dogstar has evolved over the past 18 years but I am now looking back to my roots and rediscovering things once forgotten.

After moving to our Paddington store, I decided to created a new logo for dogstar. This is a Japanese symbol of dogstar and it for me it is a reminder to look back on my heritage and embrace it wholeheartedly. I hand carved the design onto a lino block and pressed it onto paper. We then had that image put onto a silk screen and Alice came into the studio to help print it onto calico noren (Japanese banners). We will place these banners at the entrance to our stores. I am confident it will give the space a unique feel.

A blend of the cultures I call my own.

Hand carved lino block

Alice places ink onto screen while Dani watches on


Flooding the screen - Dani keeps the pressure on








Ta daa !





One Noren printed


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colours of childhood

Thursday, 2 November 2017 1:12:54 PM Australia/Sydney

Colours from Childhood


Traditional Japanese Candy


Colours of childhood are always in our memory. Often our memories are hidden from the surface only to arise at an unexpected moment.

When I was searching for fabrics for this current season I came across the Neema fabric collection and was immediately transported to my past, where, as a child I would look in glee at the joyful coloured candy sometimes given to my sister and I from a visiting friend or relative.

The brightly coloured Neema fabric is made from the highest quality Japanese cotton.

It looks so nice I want to taste it. At least I know it would be better for my teeth compared to the candy I ate as a child.


Neema Dress


Neema Pants

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Asa and the Crane

Friday, 27 October 2017 3:08:51 PM Australia/Sydney


 Asa and the Crane


Traditional Japanese Kimono print

Lately I have found myself drawn to things from my past. Japan and its aesthetics have been at the forefront of my creative mind. When we created the Asa print for the papershadow series it came as a strong geometric symmetric  pattern - a representation of the hemp leaf, symbolising strength and good growth. It can still be seen in Japan today. The Asa theme has continued in our Laika range but in a somewhat deconstructed way. Still geometric, but with a softer flow. Placing it on soft cotton silk in bold colours created a more feminine feel. 
The Zahra dress is a fine example of traditional Japanese prints used in a modern garment. It depicts the crane - a symbol of luck and prosperity.
If my Grandmother was to see me wearing this she may not appreciate the clash of cultures and eras.
But that is exactly what I strive for. To combine my two worlds and different lives into a piece of clothing that can tell a story.


Zahra Dress

Chike Tunic

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Piece of Emily

Wednesday, 18 October 2017 1:01:19 PM Australia/Sydney



 Piece of Emily Video (press play)


Seed Pod


 On the quiet Northside of Brisbane, Emily lives with her partner and dog Zilla. Zilla was so excited to see us and so very welcoming. That's where her leather art is created. When I first saw Emily's pieces, I felt that her art beautifully reflects the feel of Queensland. Piece of Emily is unique leather work that is simple and elegant yet strong and rugged. Its easy to put on and the leather softens as its worn.



6 Tail Dansky


Seed Pods in Tree



Emily at work in her studio



Kangaroo Leather Cuffs with Silver detail

The colours are all slightly different which helps create their individuality. Not surprisingly, all of her pieces work well with our papershadow range. Now I have seen her studio and understand a little more of her personality, I can see why Emily's pieces are so naturally beautiful and remind me of the wonderful place in which we live.



Tools of the Trade




Emily in her studio




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Slow Fashion | Dogstar

Thursday, 12 October 2017 12:51:20 PM Australia/Sydney

Slow Fashion


Worn Linen


Forage pants


The Forage pants is one of our staple pieces that we have been making for over 10 years. It's made from linen and is a loose and comfortable design. Over the 10 years the design has evolved and the latest change is the side pockets. I have about 7 pairs of these pants (3/4 length) and wear them pretty much everyday at home. I wear the Forage pants when I take our dog for walk, sit on the grass and watch my son's soccer games and when I do gardening. The Forage pants have become a part of my lifestyle.

In our busy everyday life, we want something comfortable and easy to care for but also looks great on.

The best thing about this natural fabric is the fact that it looks great when crushed, and that suits my busy life perfectly. After all, who has time to iron?

Some customers have come to us with their full length pants all frayed at the hem. We are more than happy to mend these long lasting items, for we are passionate about up cycling and it gives us great pleasure to see that these customers have had extensive wear from these pants for over 10 years.

Forage Pants 3/4 length

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Ame and Alice

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 8:59:31 AM Australia/Sydney


Alice and Ame

Our team member, Alice creating and dyeing Ame fabric. 

Ame means rain in Japanese. This is an abstract print but it reminds me of rain in Japan. 
At our Woolloongabba studio in Brisbane, Alice experimented and created this beautuful rain look by coating the fabric with a mist of dye.
Even though it was very sunny outside.


Hues of blue and rust


Alice blending colours



We printed this design onto a light weight cotton.  
I designed a top, tunic, pants and a jumpsuit in this unique cotton facric.


Ame Tunic



Ame Pants

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New Paddington Store

Thursday, 5 October 2017 12:28:33 PM Australia/Sydney

New Paddington Store


Sketching a dress for the 'Lights of Paddington' Parade


Paddington in Brisbane has been our home for more than 10 years now. We began our time there up at the top end of Paddington on Latrobe Tce (near the kookaburra cafe)

Earlier this year we were offered an opportunity to relocate to the central part of Paddington, needless to say, we jumped at the chance and have never looked back.
After a very simple fit out we decided to keep the store clean and crisp with white walls and black trim, we now feel completely at home in our newest space with lofty ceilings and large front windows.

The best thing about this relocation is our new community who have been most welcoming. Situated between Montrachet restaurant and Miss Henry, we are very close to other local designers (and old friends) Maiochhi and Sasha Drake. 
Tomorrow night is the annual 'Lights of Paddington' fashion night and we are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful event, showcasing our latest range along side an impressive line up of designers and retailers. Tickets for the event have sold out but we are hosting a gathering beforehand at our new boutique at 222 Given Tce from 5-7pm. 
Please come and say hello to myself and join us for champagne and chocolates.

Lights of Paddington



Click map for details


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kosame - little rain

Monday, 2 October 2017 2:41:13 PM Australia/Sydney


Wearing Linen

Linen developed by us for our kosame series


There are many types of rain in Japan. Ame, Kosame, Shigure, and Hisame… Kosame is a little rain and is subtle. Hisame is a cold rain in Winter. Hisame “Hi” indicates ice.

It was so nice to have some rain here in Brisbane last night and it looks like we will have some more rain today (fingers crossed). This season I mainly used linen and Ramie in my collection.The Kosame series is made of Ramie, which is very similar to linen. Ramie is a thin fabric which is made of the Chinese Nettle stem.

Chinese Nettle (Ramie)

It is very similar to Linen and is traditionally popular in eastern countries like Japan, China, and India. It’s quite a strong fibre and hand washable. It’s easy to dry and has a resistance to bacteria and mould. A lightweight open-weave fabric that is very cool and comfortable in summer. The more it’s worn the softer the fiber gets and creates a unique drape. It looks great when it’s crushed and the best part is that when it is dried flat, there is no need to iron! 

Flax (Linen)



Kosame Pocket Dress

Kosame Twist Top

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