Every season we create one or two of our own textile designs.
We are currently working on the 'Crown series' for next winter!
Usually we create the images for print by hand to give the product an organic feel, this time we tried several different approaches but were unhappy with the results.
Mindlessly, I began to scribble over the top of the earlier designs and produced these patterns by accident.
It is wonderful when we can notice that the creative process is often as important as the finished product.
In this case, scribbling over the top of a conceived mistake to produce something quite beautiful and unexpected.

These circular lines will then be overlaid with embroidery to produce very unique pieces.   

Look out for these new and unexpected designs in our upcoming winter range.

From kimono inspired sleeves to cropped jackets and the everyday casual skirt.


The scribble print dresses up any outfit with all the design is set in the detail of the print.