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Intern at dogstar

23/12/15 9:36 AM

I’m a exchange student who is doing  internship in dogstar for 4 weeks.

I’ve already spent time in here about 3weeks, and what I can say is how interesting  this workplace is. They design, cut, sew, organise, sell…. Dogstar do everything!

In addition, there are different nationality people cooperate and work using English and the business is worldwide. I knew English is a common language. I knew current business is worldwide. But I’ve never experienced it by myself.



At the same time, what I learnt is if I pay attention to everything, I can find and learn anything. Even though it seems to be tiny and ordinarly, I might be able to see the thing from a different aspect.



Everything is completely different from Japan in here. I’ll bring all experiences to Japan as my prescious spuvenir.



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Welcome Akari

30/10/15 11:46 AM

Starting off as a student herself, Japanese designer Masayo Yasuki welcomes all students to join her behind the scenes to experience the fashion industry.

As an Australian fashion label, we not only support student from TAFE and QUT but also international students!

This month we have Akari san joining us from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo Japan.

Starting off her week, she has been assisting us in our upcoming window art installation.

Completely made out of tea bags, you must see this display in person! The smell of black tea will leave you in the world of morocco.

See her below creating the window display one teabag at a time…

All tea bags used are produced with 100% compliance with Fairtrade standards.

Thinking about having a crafty afternoon?

Here is a step by step guide to creating our window display:


2000 black tea bags


Waterbased ink



fishing line

staple and staplers (mini)


  1. Remove all tags from the tea bags.

  2. Using water based ink, we create buckets of Moroccan inspired colours.

  3. Dilute the ink with hot water first, then mixed in with cold water (enough to dye the number of teabags chosen)

  4. Divide tea bags into sections of colour and leave in the buckets to dye for 2mins. For darker tones, leave in for longer as the tea would naturally dye.

  5. Staple and string your tea bags together!
This window display is inspired by Anthropology
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