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Shake It Up

4/07/17 11:45 AM

Time to shake it up! 



Caroline, what made you decide to raise awareness and funds for parkinson's?

 Parkinson's is a part of my family, it could be part of our DNA, past through a mutated gene from generation to generation, we just don't know, it's in there lurking and can appear at any time. It's sneaky, and relentless, and new studies are looking at the genetic links between family members and parkinson's... or 'parkies' as we call it. If I can raise money to help sufferers now, and maybe someday help my children's children etc, then I should.

Here are some basic stats on the disease in Australia. I think you'll find it quite surprising.


Parkinson’s is the second most common neurological disease in Australia after dementia.

The disease affects an estimated 10 million individuals worldwide – 80,000 in Australia.

32 Aussies are diagnosed with the disease every day.

20% of sufferers are under 50 years old and 10% are diagnosed before the age of 40.

The number of people with Parkinson’s has increased by 17% in the last six years with costs to the community increasing by over 48%.

For comparison purposes the prevalence of Parkinson’s is greater than prostate, bowel and many other forms of cancer and the total number of Parkinson’s sufferers is 4 times the number of people suffering with MS.

The above statistics were obtained from


 What are you planning on doing personally to help fundraise for this condition?

 I've decided to run a half marathon. *grits teeth* That's 21.1kms


Why run a half marathon?

 I needed to challenge myself, both physically and mentally, like a person who has parkies does daily. Because, for Parkinson’s sufferers, every day throws new challenges at them. I've never been a 'runner', I'd do the odd 10k here and there, but I set myself a goal; the Sunshine Coast half marathon, I thought, it would be the perfect challenge for me, not only physically, but mentally too. At first I thought it would be a huge achievement just to show up to the start line, then to just maybe crawl across the finish line. But now, I want to finish in under2 hours. EEEEKKKKK!


What's your personal experience with Parkinson's?

 That's a really hard question to answer, I feel I've been luckier than other members of the family, my Mum and Dad don't have it, but it's hard knowing that each day it effects the people I love dearly. Maybe the following story can help you understand. My cousin Chelsea wrote it.


A firm handshake, accompanied with a warm smile, and a standard “G’day mate, how’s it going”, from a youthful man greeted him at the gate. However, the refuge of a monstrous gum tree’s shadow from the piercing sun’s heat ironically provided a warmer welcome to John. Whilst John’s sky-blue eyes sceptically scanned the other man’s face, the stranger’s mouth opened to speak. But, John had never been a fan of chit-chat, so he interrupted him and got straight to the point.

Look here boy, this car is my baby. I want to know what your intentions are?”, hedemanded.

Without hesitation and with a twinkle of similar humour, the man replied, “I can tell you my intentions are pure sir. I wish to continue the legend you’ve paved with this car by aiming for more racing glory.”

John’s brow furrowed as he slipped into deep thought. His hand holding the keys crept towards the man but froze mid-air. John could have sworn he heard a whisper of the once deafening crowd that swarmed him and his car after a win. Shaking his head, he studied his hands; they were worn leather, course from gripping the steering wheel and labouring away adjusting his machine. They remained stained from grease acquired from repairs, and calloused from hours spent polishing until he could see his reflection clear amongst the vibrant red hue of the car’s exterior. Back then, John was a strong man and his motor skills were lightning; his speed and precision in racing was unmatched. Soon he was up to his neck in trophies, and as the trophy sum swelled so did his pride at the name he had made for himself.

This car was his escapism. Nothing compared to the thrill of the drive. The cool sensation of wind whipping his hair and the sound of the engine roaring made his heart soar. In this car, he felt free and invincible.

The weight of the diagnosis was heavy on Dr. Williams’ heart. He and John were old friends. They had spent plenty of summer nights sharing jokes and beers by the barbecue with their families. When John’s wife passed, Williams was his sole companion through the grief. It’d never crossed his mind that he’d have to deliver such sombre news. John only had to take one look at the doctor’s face to realise the results wouldn’t be pretty.

Give it to me straight doc. Will I be sprouting beans out of my ears in two months time?” John demanded.

No John, I’m so sorry… You have Parkinson’s disease,” Dr. William’s replied meekly.

John felt as if his world had crumbled. All his life he had been fit and healthy; he couldn’t believe it, he refused to believe it. Even over time, he failed to observe the changes that steadily crept up on him. A shuffle replaced his once confident stride. His bones ached and his balance was thrown. He was always up late at night and early in the morning. In mid-conversation, his thoughts would often drift leaving him in a state of confusion. Yet, he turned a blind eye.

It was only when skimming his fingers gently over the dusty dashboard of his race car one morning, that a tremor that racked his hand screamed the loudest testimony for John. Still, he turned the keys letting the awakening engine’s hum serenade him. Seeking to control the shakes, he gripped the gear stick forcefully and slid it into drive. John was determined, but clenching his fists caused the tremors to become more violent. Pools of sweat soon swelled and dripped slowly down his temples. He began reassuring himself that it had always been stuffy in the car and that he was just imagining the fatigue hitting his body in waves. Ignoring danger signs, John went to move his driving leg with conviction. But, it wouldn’t cooperate. John was horrified as he realised that it had locked into place. His vision abruptly skewed. Suddenly, he felt trapped inside the car. Panic seized him as he tasted bile on his tongue. He had to get out. He couldn’t breathe. Wrenching open the door, John splayed onto the lawn on all fours, while the world seemed to spin around him. Lying on the ground beaten and afraid, John then decided it was time to pass on his most treasured possession.

Hello?” repeated a male’s husky voice.

A loud beep echoed the room. That was the tenth person inquiring about the race car advertisement today that John had rung and hung up on. Every time, he wrestled with his mind, assuring that this was the right thing to do. But, each call not even a murmur of sound escaped his lips. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. This car was his freedom, his youth, his love… How could he give that all up over a supposed illness?

The warmth of the stranger’s hands embracing his own shaking ones broke John’s reminiscence. The young man was looking him in the eye and utterly beaming reassurance.

I promise I’ll take care of this car John. No harm will come to it, not on my watch. I want you to know that you can come visit to watch me race whenever you please, or if you feel like having a chat I’m here for you,” he stated.

Relief flooded John’s body as he grasped that this man was not a stranger. Afraid of letting go of his freedom, and accepting his present and future, John felt isolated within his disease. Through the simple and kind words of this young man, John finally felt no fear. He realised he was not alone in this journey, and that invincibility can come from solidarity.

Placing the keys in the palm of the man’s hand, John nodded and left the property.

At home, John studied his trophy cabinet with fondness waiting for the phone to dial.

Parkinson’s Queensland replied within seconds.

Hi, I’m John and I suffer from Parkinson’s disease. I’d like to join the closest support group near me.”

-Written by Chelsea Peachey


That's a really powerful story, thank you for sharing.


What can we as readers do to help reach your goal?


I've set up an every day hero fundraising page, through the Sunshine Coast Marathon which is linked directly to the charity so 100% of all donations go directly to Shake It Up to help fund research for treatment and ultimately a cure. My every day hero page will show exactly where I am on my target and you can even share the link around via email and facebook.


We wish you all the best for the run and look forward to hearing about it Caroline!

 Thank you. Who knows, maybe a full marathon next!

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Pendragon Shoes

15/05/17 1:03 PM



Jackie and Adrian, Pendragon Shoes.

If travel to outer space was a reality for the everyday person, would you go and why?

 - Well I absolutely love all things sci fi but I’d reckon I’d chicken out of space travel. Adrian on the other hand would be there in a minute.


If you could put a message on a billboard for everyone to see, what would that message be?

 - Be kind.



Pendragon is so unique, tell us about how it was conceived and where you see it going in the future?

 - Pendragon was born 30 years ago when we needed some boots to wear to a medieval fair in Brisbane, so we made ourselves some. We have been making shoes and boots to order ever since. We are self taught – it’s been quite a journey. In the future we see Pendragon moving into ready to wear ranges that we can get handmade overseas. We’ll keep doing our bespoke work, but our designs can evolve and be more accessible.


If you could make a pair of shoes for anyone, past or present, who would it be and what would you create?

 - We’d love to make some boots for Johnny Depp, and we probably just should! We’d make him some Alice in Wonderland boots. We’ve just made boots for Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman which was pretty exciting! Someone from the past would be my grandfather. He died before I started making shoes. He would have loved it.


Pendragon, like Dogstar embraces and encourages women to explore their uniqueness, how would you describe your style?

 - Our style has developed from our love of story books. The shoes in fairy tale books always show such great character. They are often a mix of historical and fantasy….that’s us in a nutshell. We like making things that have never been made before…so it’s a challenge to finally be making up limited edition ranges of our designs. But we’re doing it!




Jackie and Adrian, Pendragon Shoes.

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 Artist Georgina Hooper talks to us about inspiration.


What is your most creative recipe?

Beetroot and parmesan ravioli with burnt sage butter.

What is your most recent obsession?

My 16 month old daughter!

Any new favorite colour / style in painting ?

I love the large scale colour field paintings of American Abstract Expressionist Marko Rothko. His work is what I would fill my dream home with if I could afford to. His use of large open spaces, simple composition and focus on the sublime beauty of colour and its effect on us spiritually and mentally is what I love about his work. Looking at art becomes a form of meditation. It is all about vibrational energy. It sounds hippy but it is very scientific. My favourite colour is probably best exemplified in Rothko's 1956 work 'Green on Blue'. “Green on Blue” (1956).



 CreditThe University of Arizona Museum of Art, Gift of Edward J. Gallagher Jr. Source 

What's your dream travel destination and why?

My dream travel destination is South East Asia. I particularly love visiting Hong Kong for its exciting pace and its juxtaposition between tradition and change, East and West. China is always going to be a great love for me too and of course divine Japan, which I still have so much to see yet. At the moment though, Bali is really calling me and we are thinking of visiting at the end of the year. There are a few artist residencies popping up away from the main tourist areas. Places where there is beautiful nature to experience and a sense of the spiritual and serenity in its people is what I am draw to.

What would you spirit animal be?

Ha ha probably a bird. Perhaps an eagle. They are strong, powerful and independent with a love of wide open spaces and when they choose their mate, they really do fall for them and are together for life.


Georgina has limited edition prints available, check out her webstore of her latest work.

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The man behind the lense

An interview with photographer: David Collins

You recently photographed dogstar Collection 2016. What did you think of the shoot and what did you enjoy the most?
I loved the recent shoot the dogstar team put together for their 2016 campaign. The postmodern, paper craft head piece with metal and silver accented accessories anchored our models character into the moody setting. My favourite moment in the shoot was when the two assistants were trying to balance an air-conditioning tube on a broom stick while the model posed for a portrait. The shots look great, but it felt like a surreal ‘behind the scenes’ moment.

What would be your 'dream gig' ? 
It may sound cliché, but there are days when I take a step back from the camera and see that I'm on location with amazing and talented people creating something together, and I realize just how much I enjoy this work environment.

We all look for inspiration on a daily basis. What drives you to continue in such a challenging industry? 
I have found traveling and injecting new experiences (both comfortable and unpleasant) keeps the cogs moving. One of the traps that photographers can fall into during busy season is to default into a comfortable shooting style. I’ve found constantly moving refreshes and informs the way I approach photography, giving me a sense of progression.

If you could photograph anyone or anything, past or present, who or what would it be? 
I think Jeff Bridges would make for a pretty mean portrait.

What is the best advice you have received relating to your career as an artist? 
Find someone you trust to review your work. It’s easy to develop attachments to images when you have a memory of a good, onset experience, rather than how the piece sits.

Oh, most importantly, what's your spirit animal? 
The Panda. 


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An interview with Makeup Artist: Billie Weston

Like all things creative, we start from a blank canvas. Tell us what inspires you?
As far as finding inspiration for makeup goes, I always turn to nature.  Especially texture and colour. From the most vivid contrasting colours to the softest, milkiest pastels, I can find inspiration there.   I’m a big sci-fi and post apocalyptic nerd and when there is the opportunity for it, I love to carry those otherworldly elements across into my work. I'm also inspired by my clients and love the process of helping them to create an alter ego or amplify a facet of their personality. 

Today’s woman is busier than ever.  What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out?
A bold lipstick teamed with defined brows and mascara.  You can have barely any makeup on but look sleek and polished with a strong lip.

How would you describe your look?
I’m a bit of a chameleon when it comes to what I wear.  I really enjoy fashion and like to wear a lot of different styles. I find for this reason, I have never put all my eggs in one basket.  Clothes, hair, accessories and makeup are an integral part of how I express myself and I find it a really fun and creative process.  I’m a big fan of Japanese and Korean street style but I also love to incorporate elements of different fashion subcultures like industrial, post apocalyptic, punk and grunge whilst keeping it understated and sharp.  I wear a lot of is everything.

What is your most memorable makeup you have done?
I have been very lucky to work on some incredible films and live productions with truly magical sets. Those moments are some of the most memorable for me. When you walk onto a large scale set it’s like walking into another world. You get this incredible rush and you are overcome with awe and gratitude.  To be amongst such talented artists and crew who are all part of this amazing collaboration is very humbling.

How do you define beauty?
Beauty to me is kindness and compassion, first and foremost.  But as far as beautiful aesthetic or ‘presence’ goes, I think it’s having a healthy and unbridled outlet for self-expression. Whatever that may be. When someone can express themselves and be immersed in their passion, they become comfortable in their own skin. I love witnessing people being whoever the hell they want to be. 

If you were placed in the world of dogstar, what do you imagine yourself to look like (from head to toe!)?
No other label can layer like Dogstar.  I LOVE to layer. I would want you to load me up with pieces until I could barely walk.

Use 5 words that define what you wear?
Sharp black spirited street pop 

Who is your Muse?
I have so many! But let's say...Gwen Stefani for wearing punk and alternative styles with such sophistication and Daphne Guinness for being an age defying alien empress.  

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Oh My Origami!

18/05/16 8:31 AM





the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.



This winter season, we have gathered inspiration from all things origami inspired.

How do we define Japanese fashion? Most would think of the popular Harajuku street style or the traditional and placid Kimonos.

dogstar Laika has created it's own world.

Fold after fold, Masayo has worked hard designing with origami folds transforming flat fabrics into garments that is not only fitted for workwear but also any formal occasion.

This weekend we are styling up in the Deuce Top and Deuce Dress.



As a classic Laika design, we cannot go past the origami inspired collars!

Let us take you into the world of Laika, celebrating modern Japanese clothing the result of mixing bold prints and colours alongside traditional Japanese folds and pleats.

Take a chance with Deuce Top, a style of two looks. Recreate your workwear staples and add this to your wardrobe collection. A simple style to take you from desk to dinner.

Take notice next time you visit our dogstar store in Paddington and Gertrude street to find all the wonderful womens clothing inspired by origami.

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A Winter Window

11/05/16 4:04 PM

Winter is here!


With that comes a new window display at the dogstar Paddington store.

As always our displays are handmade, and this time with the help our interns Mutsumi san and Yuiko san.

Though it may not snow in Brisbane, it is certainly a beautiful sight taking our minds to winter in Japan.





Silent nights and the brush of a chilling breeze just says 'it's time to get Cosy!' 

With many wool blend cardigans and jumpers in store, what's not to love about Winter!






Layer up on your favourite dogstar styles with classic and multiwear designs.

Not sure which knitwear to go for?

Meet our stylists in store and they will be sure to guide you and find your cosy winter warmer.

Don't forget we also have our Melbourne store in Fitzroy!  

Unlike our Brisbane boutiques, dogstar Melbourne store s full of luscious wool coats and winter  scarves.

Be sure to visit and find your favourite winter outfit.



dogstar Paddington

2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

07 3368 2233

dogstar studio

1 Burke Street, Woolloongabba

07 3217 4055



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Intern at dogstar

23/12/15 9:36 AM

I’m a exchange student who is doing internship in dogstar for 4 weeks.

I’ve already spent time in here about 3weeks, and what I can say is how interesting  this workplace is. They design, cut, sew, organise, sell…. Dogstar do everything!

In addition, there are different nationality people cooperate and work using English and the business is worldwide. I knew English is a common language. I knew current business is worldwide. But I’ve never experienced it by myself.



At the same time, what I learnt is if I pay attention to everything, I can find and learn anything. Even though it seems to be tiny and ordinarly, I might be able to see the thing from a different aspect.



Everything is completely different from Japan in here. I’ll bring all experiences to Japan as my prescious souvenir.



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The festive season is upon us!

Meet and greet your friends and family in the festive Senna series and be the talk of the party!

Inspired by traditional morroccan colours and tiles, Senna series takes a twist on an elegant party dress. Don’t forget to match it with a bold pair or earrings, bangles or sandals.

This silk dress will become your wardrobe staple from beach wearing to the bar!

Summer party outfits sorted.


Top off your party by sharing a glass of moroccan inspired Mojito!

Needing an idea for a cocktail recipe? Here’s one for everyone to enjoy!

Makes 4 drinks
2 tablespoons black tea, such as English Breakfast
20 cardamom pods, crushed
boiling water (see instructions)
3 tablespoons (organic cane) sugar
3/4 cup packed spearmint leaves, plus extra for garnish
2-3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2-3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
5 ounces (1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons) white rum
1 ounce (2 tablespoons) dark rum
1 1/2 teaspoons rosewater
sparkling water

Take a photo of your mix and send it through to have it featured on our page!

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Jingle bells are ringing!


Secret santa gifts must be found.

Look no further for that little gift.



This week is your chance to pick any 2 necklaces from our papershadow range.

Pick any 2: one for yourself and one as a gift!

Any two for $49.



Dress up your Christmas outfit with any one of our handmade wooden necklaces.

Choose from a variety of colours, geometric shapes, earth toned beads to compliment any outfit.



See the full range at :

Offer ends 31st December 2015

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8/12/15 1:00 PM

Every season we create one or two of our own textile designs.
We are currently working on the 'Crown series' for next winter!
Usually we create the images for print by hand to give the product an organic feel, this time we tried several different approaches but were unhappy with the results.
Mindlessly, I began to scribble over the top of the earlier designs and produced these patterns by accident.
It is wonderful when we can notice that the creative process is often as important as the finished product.
In this case, scribbling over the top of a conceived mistake to produce something quite beautiful and unexpected.

These circular lines will then be overlaid with embroidery to produce very unique pieces.   

Look out for these new and unexpected designs in our upcoming winter range.

From kimono inspired sleeves to cropped jackets and the everyday casual skirt.


The scribble print dresses up any outfit with all the design is set in the detail of the print.

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In the spirit of all things summer, we have been drawn towards the summer picnic style!

Falaise series is inspired by retro styled checkered fabric made into pieces both sophisticated and quirky.


Made from a combination of Cotton and Linen, this checkered series is designed for Summer!

Simple styles to suit all shapes and sizes.

These will become your wardrobe staple taking you through Summer and Winter layers.

We all like to feel comfortable in what we wear, especially in our Brisbane weather!

Don't forget your checkered dress this weekend! Lay your picnic rug down and enjoy the warm Summer sun.





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Introducing the talented musicians from Camerata of St Johns Orchestra!

Once again this season we have styled them in a combination of our Laika and Papershadow range.

A quirky combination of summer cotton prints, everyday dresses turned into elegant and professional outfits.

For more information on their upcoming season:


 Here is a small snippet from their Camerata's January newsletter!


Partner spotlight

This month our partner spotlight shines on, dogstar. Created by renowned Brisbane fashion designer Masayo Yasuki and her talented team, dogstar has gained an enviable reputation around the country for its designs and quality of manufacture. Our player's adore wearing the Camerata uniform designed by Masayo, and were thrilled when Masayo and her team opened their Laika Summer 2014 and Papershadow Summer 2014 collections for our ensemble to wear in the CamerataSeason 2015 brochure. All of the wonderful outfits from these collections are now available online at the dogstar website.


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Dip Dyed

12/11/15 12:41 PM

Hello,this is Akari from Bunka Fashion University in Tokyo Japan.

I worked at dogstar for about 1 month ago as a intern.
My first job involved making a window art installation.
It's made of almost 2000 black tea bags!
There are steps how to make tea bag installation.

2000 black tea bags


Waterbased ink



fishing line

staple and staplers (mini)

1 take off the labels.
2 making colors you want to make.
3 put inks and warm water on the bucket.
4 put tea bags on the bucket.
5 couple of minutes waiting.
6 take out tea bags of the bucket, and remove water of tea bags.
7 dry tea bags a few days.
8 make sure their are dried. Put on tea bags for a fishing line using a staple.
You can see it in our paddington shop.
When you visit paddington,please check it out!
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An Arabian Night

10/11/15 10:19 AM



Over the weekend, we welcomed our dogstar VIP guests to our Laika launch party- Arabian Night held at out Brisbane studio.

Themed to match our current season, our studio was transformed into the world of Morocco!


Lanterns and rustic jewellery from Hamimi were being hung to add a touch of colour matched perfectly with our range.       



Luxurious silk dresses, screen printed with a moroccan inspired print along with geometric inspired origami pants are just waiting to be topped off with a pair of Moroccan Babouche Slippers.

It was a perfect night to find the summer party dress for the upcoming festive season.



The Arabian night showcased all exclusive jewellery brought in from Europe made from leather and recycled rubber side by side with our recently made window display, completely made out of 2000 teabags!

It was a summer night we are sure to remember!

From the rich and virbant mix of dips, dried fruit, ice mint tea and sparkling champagne... who would forget! 



Many thanks go out to:

All our VIP's for taking the time to join us on our social evening,

Rashelle from ghd Hair for sponsoring our event with giveaway bags and a main ghd christmas gift pack prize.

Hamimi for providing us with decorations all the way from Merrakesh.

Feridun our musician of the night!

Our photographer for the night, Michiko

Georgina Hooper for painting such beautiful pieces to go in our next Summer range.

Caroline Ross for helping us organise this event

The entire dogstar team for being your wonderful selves and entertaining us all on the evening.

(Alice, Lianne, Jennifer, Edwina, Mai, River and Jo)




















Kirsty Goldsmith



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As we all know, the Melbourne Cup races are on this week!

Taking a twist on the traditional racewear styling, dogstar has once again made an impression at the racetrack.

Working with Brenda from the House of Windsor, we have put together an unconventional outfit.

From black leather harnesses to a rock inspired tulle skirt.


Our take on the classic black dress has been transformed into an explosion of dark tulle.

Melbourne Cup 2015 here we come!




Our favourite VIP's wearing their classic dogstar styles.


Half Top Hat made by Brenda from the House of Windsor

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dogstar VIP

2/11/15 12:57 PM

It’s that time of year again..

The festive season is upon us, with warm summer nights and shimmering champagne.

This weekend is our LAIKA VIP NIGHT! As always Laika is inspired by other cultures and their traditional colours. Join us this Saturday 7 November as we welcome you to an Arabian Night!

From hanging lanterns to luscious silks, experience the atmosphere at our annual VIP event.

Receive a glass of champagne on arrival and enjoy prizes all night long!

Win the ultimate prize by buying any item from the range and be in the draw to win a LAIKA outfit of your choice.




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Welcome Akari

30/10/15 11:46 AM

Starting off as a student herself, Japanese designer Masayo Yasuki welcomes all students to join her behind the scenes to experience the fashion industry.

As an Australian fashion label, we not only support student from TAFE and QUT but also international students!

This month we have Akari san joining us from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo Japan.

Starting off her week, she has been assisting us in our upcoming window art installation.

Completely made out of tea bags, you must see this display in person! The smell of black tea will leave you in the world of morocco.

See her below creating the window display one teabag at a time…

All tea bags used are produced with 100% compliance with Fairtrade standards.

Thinking about having a crafty afternoon?

Here is a step by step guide to creating our window display:


2000 black tea bags


Waterbased ink



fishing line

staple and staplers (mini)


  1. Remove all tags from the tea bags.

  2. Using water based ink, we create buckets of Moroccan inspired colours.

  3. Dilute the ink with hot water first, then mixed in with cold water (enough to dye the number of teabags chosen)

  4. Divide tea bags into sections of colour and leave in the buckets to dye for 2mins. For darker tones, leave in for longer as the tea would naturally dye.

  5. Staple and string your tea bags together!
This window display is inspired by Anthropology
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dogstar in Collaboration with ghd hair!

Last night we were working with the talented Alan White and ghd Hair at their Podium event.


GHD invitation and Alan White (left to right)


Podium is a look and learn evening, inviting all creative minds who are interested in sharing ideas and experiences.

We are incredibly  thankful to GHD Hair Studios and Rashelle in particular for thinking of dogstar.

From left to right: from dogstar: Umesha, Jo-Elle, Akari, Rashelle (GHD)


It was a fantastic night working with Alan, a renowned hairstylist. Alan’s portfolio includes working with leading magazines like Vogue and RUSSH. More so, he has been responsible for styling the hair of high profile names including Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Kidman.


Thank you once again to ghd Hair and Alan White for an experience to remember!

For those who went or those who may have missed out, here are some snapshots from behind the scenes at the ghd PODIUM event.

Alan and the girls

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Redesigning Racks

26/10/15 3:04 PM

It’s all happening at our Melbourne store!

We have been busy working towards new clothing racks for our Gertrude Street store.

River has been working with an old friend with Zino, to design and make a creative rack!

A seemingly simple task, but a difficult one when it comes to creating a unique space and atmosphere.

Finally last week, our Melbourne team Erin and Emma were over joyed to see the racks delivered!

Here they are installing them in our store.:


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