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About Us



dogstar fashion is created by renowned Brisbane fashion designer Masayo Yasuki and her talented team. At our Woolloongabba studio we strive to design contemporary fashion with attention to cut, comfort and quality.

dogstar has been making its own style of women’s fashion since 1998. We have three retail stores. In Brisbane we have boutiques in Paddington as well as our Warehouse at Woolloongabba and the newest Melbourne Store in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

dogstar has gained an enviable reputation around the country for its designs and quality of manufacture. Our In Store policy has always been to maximise customer satisfaction with our products and service.



The dogstar radiates the most light of any star and can be seen from anywhere on earth. Worshipped by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, the dogstar is now evoking a new form of cult following.

Sirius (a CMa / a Canis Majoris / Alpha Canis Majoris) is the brightest star in the night-time sky, with a visually apparent magnitude of – 1.47. This binary star system consists of a blue-white main sequence dwarf star and a faint white dwarf companion. It is located in the constellation Canis Major.

Sirius can be seen from almost every inhabited region of the Earth’s surface (those living north of 73.284 degrees can’t see it) and, in the Northern Hemisphere, is known as a vertex of the Winter Triangle. The best time of year to view it is around January 1 when it reaches the meridian at midnight.

Under the right conditions, Sirius can be observed in daylight with the naked eye. Ideally the sky must be very clear, with the observer at a high altitude, the star passing overhead, and the sun low down on the horizon.


About the designer

Masayo Yasuki, born in Fukui, Japan and moved to Australia in 1991 to study. In 1998 while completing a marketing degree at QUT Masayo started to export Australian clothes to Japan on a small scale, just to make money while at university. She received a large order from a Japanese fashion company, so decided to fill the Japanese order with her own designs.

''I like to believe that the dogstar customer is someone who

will add their own character and personality to our designs and vice versa.''

"dogstar does not conform to stereotypical perceptions of beauty.

A perfect blend of tailored cuts and an unconventional elegance.

Beauty is within the person and design, combined.

We create the garment, and they the customers create the look.

I never fail to be surprised at the ways in which women create completely

different looks from a single one of our designs depending on how they wear it.

We are all individuals and confident ones nonetheless."

-Masayo Yasuki